A stay in a castle with a view of the Loire near Saumur, it's easy with the Château le Prieuré

To organize a stay in a castle with a view of the Loire River near Saumur, you just have to trust Château le Prieuré which ticks all the boxes for a luxurious stay.

More than just a stopover in a castle on the banks of the Loire

The Château le Prieuré is an establishment of La Maison Younan. It is a castle, and even a monastery in its early days, which has preserved its furniture, its fabrics, the elegance of the rooms and the architecture of the place. What was once a castle is now a 4-star hotel. One comes here for a stay in a castle with a view on the Loire River near Saumur because the establishment is ideally located. From the top of its rocky promontory, it offers an unobstructed view of the royal river from certain rooms, the restaurant or the wooded park. This view is just like the rooms, i.e. exceptional. Each room, whatever the level of standing chosen, is a real dive into a bubble of history, a real moment to share for two to make your evening stopover in this castle on the banks of the Loire a real surprise and an unforgettable moment.

Stay in a castle near Saumur, a rewarding destination

Located in the small village of Chênehutte-Trèves-Cunault, your stay in a castle overlooking the Loire River will be close to Saumur. Saumur is the Cadre Noir, the equestrian center that has been a reference for years, and it is the discovery of the historical heart of the city. It will also be a great starting point for the Loire by bike, a bike path that follows the banks of the royal river along its entire length to help you discover the richness of the landscape and culture of the region. You will make more than a stopover in this castle on the banks of the Loire, you will make it your retreat as a couple or as a family to enjoy the Loire Valley, but also to take time for yourself, as in the gastronomic restaurant for example.

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