A wedding reception near Saumur to your image

To organize the wedding reception near Saumur of your dreams, choose Château le Prieuré.

An exceptional venue for a wedding on the banks of the Loire

Have you already thought about the exceptional venue for your wedding on the Loire River that you need to have the ceremony of your dreams? You need a grandiose place. Is a view of the Loire River from your room, decorated like a Loire castle, already an interesting first step? This is the atmosphere that the Château le Prieuré offers. Although this castle has become a 4-star hotel, it has lost none of its superb, castle-like style, the quality of its facilities and the historical atmosphere that is so appropriate to the region.

A wedding reception near Saumur also means inviting your loved ones to beautiful, comfortable, personalized rooms, full of charm and far from your usual habits. There is no doubt that you will be more than served with the rooms of this hotel, and even more so with the suites whose prestige will perfectly match the married couple.

A wedding domain with a view of the Loire and many opportunities

The view of the Loire River will be the main attraction of this wedding reception near Saumur. From the rooms, the terrace, the restaurant, the green spaces of the park, the Loire River always flows at the foot of the promontory on which the castle is built. But your choice of a wedding domain with a view of the Loire River is also justified by the professional team that will accompany you in this process. Personalized menu, privatization of the castle, access to the terraces and reception rooms, musical entertainment, you and your guests will certainly have a great time.

The charm of the region will also play a role in the choice of this exceptional location for a wedding on the banks of the Loire: the landscape from the hotel, the charm of Saumur, the other Loire castles in the area, the golf and other sports activities in the surroundings, everything adds up to a truly memorable experience.

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