Château Le Prieuré, a hotel in the vicinity of Angers

The Château Le Prieuré is a 4 star hotel located in the charming village of Chênetutte-Trèves-Cunault, only a few minutes from Angers. The vast domain of Château Le Prieuré is characterized by its grandiose and green setting. Guests enjoy a panoramic view of the Loire River as this hotel near Angers overlooks the entire valley. The rooms and suites are bright, spacious and comfortable for memorable stays.

Château Le Prieuré, a 4-star hotel near Angers

The Château Le Prieuré is a luxurious establishment that includes 21 rooms tastefully decorated. The equipment and facilities invite you to relax. The warm and friendly setting allows guests to disconnect from everyday life. Guests enjoy the quality of service they have come to expect from a 4-star hotel. The staff is experienced and friendly at all times. Each and every one of them is committed to making sure that guests are satisfied with their stay.

The same princely treatment is also given to the future bride and groom. The Château is indeed the ideal place to organize a wedding romantic event. This hotel in the vicinity of Angers is also perfect for various family receptions such as birthdays, christenings or others. Professionals also like to meet in this chic and elegant environment for a seminar or a conference. All the materials and equipment they need are at their disposal.

Château Le Prieuré near Angers is also a gastronomic restaurant, Le Castellane

This hotel near Angers also has a gastronomic restaurant, Le Castellane. This place also has the particularity of having a view on the Loire. Guests have the possibility to have their lunch and dinner there. It is open from Wednesday to Sunday from mid-October to the end of March and is open every day from April to October. The lunch and dinner menus are prepared by the chef Richard Prouteau. He leads the entire brigade to create delicious and tasty dishes. As Richard Prouteau is a native of the region, he favors local products. He knows the different ways to bring out the flavor of each ingredient. He combines his knowledge with his know-how to concoct delicate and refined dishes. For refreshment and wine tasting, the hotel also has its own wine cellar. It is also possible to quench one's thirst at the bar Le Prieuré. This one proposes aperitifs, cocktails, hot drinks and digestives.

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