A 4 star hotel in the Loire Valley for a royal stay

The Château Le Prieuré is a 4-star hotel in the Loire Valley located near Saumur. It offers an exceptional setting for your romantic weekends, your family reunions and your professional meetings. Discover the place.

A luxury hotel on the banks of the Loire near Saumur

The Château Le Prieuré is a hotel of La Maison Younan, which rehabilitates historic buildings in France to make them into luxury hotel châteaux. This is what was done here with this monastery, which was used as a residential castle during the Renaissance period. It is now a 4-star castle-hotel in the Loire Valley. It is not only a castle in terms of architecture but also in terms of interior design since the building has been restored to its original state.It is not only a castle in terms of architecture, but also in terms of interior design, since the building has been restored in such a way as to recreate the sumptuous hours of the Loire Valley castles in terms of decoration and atmosphere.

On the hotel level itself, we appreciate the 3 levels of standing of the rooms as well as the 3 high-end suites. In spite of this permanent and omnipresent historical decoration, each room proposes the comfort and the equipment which one has the right to expect from a luxury hotel in edge of the Loire.

A luxury hotel near the Loire Castles, the setting for an exceptional stay

For a romantic stay, a family reception or for company seminars, this 4-star hotel in the Loire Valley will bend over backwards for you. It offers, in addition to the reception rooms for groups, a gastronomic restaurant with a view of the banks of the Loire. Le Castellane, as it is called, offers refined cuisine in a setting that is just as refined. You will also enjoy taking time to stroll in the green spaces of this luxurious hotel near the Loire castles. You will also like the lounge bar of the establishment or browse through an incredible wine cellar of more than 30 000 bottles. This cellar is a real stroll between tasting, historical bottles and troglodyte adventure. Basketball court, terrace with view on the Loire, mini golf and tennis court will make you forget that you are only a few kilometers from Saumur and in one of the most beautiful regions of France, the Loire Valley.

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