Restaurant Gastronomic in a Castle in France, le Castellane is the one

On the heights of Saumur, in Western France, one cannot miss the Château Le Prieuré, this magnificent 4-star establishment overlooking the banks of the Loire. And in this hotel is hidden the Castellane, the most appreciated gastronomic restaurant in Saumur.

A gastronomic restaurant in France, an exceptional table: Le Castellane

Preserved town with its magnificent castle, with its world-famous riding school, with its wines, Saumur pleases. And one will certainly not fail to find a good table there. But when you are looking for an unforgettable table, a gastronomic cuisine, refined and in love with the products of the region, it is in Le Castellane that you will find it. This gastronomic restaurant in France, within the walls of the Château Le Prieuré , is a wonderful invitation to discover the whole region just by tasting your plate. The chef of this gastronomic restaurant in Western France takes pleasure in working with local products while offering a modern cuisine, focused on pureed meats and fish from the Loire. Between Tours and Angers, Saumur is an essential culinary stopover in your discovery of the Loire Castles.

A gastronomic restaurant in France, more than an unforgettable menu, the royal setting of Château le Prieuré

A beautiful plate cannot express itself without a frame. By choosing this gastronomic chateau restaurant in France, you are choosing a 4-star hotel restored by the Grande Maison Younan Collection. The aim of this initiative is to take over old castles that have fallen into oblivion and restore them to become luxury hotels, the driving force behind an entire region. This is exactly what the Château le Prieuré and its gastronomic restaurant in Saumur le Castellane allows. One finds on the spot a magnificent Empire atmosphere. It is also the perfect place to organize seminars and professional events, weddings and anniversaries.No lack of taste in this style thanks to the tapestries, period furniture and paintings. The decor is magnificent and the leap in time a real adventure. You will also enjoy a magnificent view of the Loire River. The dining room, overhanging the royal river by several tens of meters, offers a huge bay window that allows you to lay your eyes indefinitely on the banks of the Loire . On sunny days, a terrace under the trees gives the opportunity to enjoy the same view under the sun of the Loire Valley.

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