For a wedding domain in France, choose the excellence of Château le Prieuré

Choosing a wedding estate in France means choosing the setting of the Châteaux de la Loire for this great event. Choosing the Château le Prieuré as the venue for your reception means choosing the most beautiful establishment in the paris area for the organisation of a top-of-the-range ceremony.

Domain for mariage near Paris, a 4 star château by Younan Collection to serve you

When you want to make things big, you spend time selecting the castle that will host the ceremony and the guests. You want a magnificent view for photos, a professional welcome for events, you want a distinguished kitchen, rooms with high quality and personality, in short, you want to choose Château le Prieuré. Magnificent 4-star hotel near Paris, this 4 star hotel regularly hosts large weddings. Its setting facing the Loire River, its easy access between Tours and Angers, and the elegance of the place, a true Loire Valley chateau as in its sumptuous Renaissance period, offers a simply unique setting to organize your wedding in France.

A château for weddings in France, Château le Prieuré is the ideal 4-star domain.

Organising your wedding in a chateau in France is not just about booking rooms, however magnificent they may be. It is choosing a setting and a team of professionals. All the organization is taken care of to the height of your requests for the gastronomic meal, the festivities, the decoration, the management of the rooms, the animations, the accommodation until a complete privatization of the hotel is possible. A successful wedding cannot be improvised, it requires the professional know-how offered by the Château le Prieuré team and has made its reputation in Saumur and Loire Valley region. You then have nothing more to consider, you let yourself be carried along by the course of your wedding in Saumur , you enjoy your friends and guests on the day. As if by magic, and in a setting worthy of a novel, everything will go perfectly for the realization of your wedding. The Domaine for mariage in France is undoubtedly the most renowned wedding estate in the region, the Château le Prieuré de la Grande Maison Younan Collection is the place for all great festivities. You will not soon forget the most beautiful day of your life.

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